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  • Handheld coating thickness measurement of nickel, zinc or copper on steel, even on rough surfaces, using phase-sensitive measurement techniques
  • Easy processing and reporting of measurements with Fischer DataCenter software
  • Ideally suited for tests even in the field


  • The best handheld coating thickness tester for measuring zinc on steel or copper on galvanized steel 
  • Nickel on steel; copper on iron or on bronze
  • Non-ferrous metals on non-conductive substrates, e.g. copper on circuit boards
  • Thermally sprayed aluminum (TSA) on steel
  • Curved geometries; convex and concave measuring stations and rough surfaces
  • With special probes for inter-layer connection holes in circuit boards
  • Coatings in the micrometer range on non-ferrous metals, iron or steel
  • Multilayer systems consisting of single layers in the micrometer range

Perfectly Suited for Measuring Coating Thickness on PC Boards and Electroplated Surfaces

Using a handheld coating thickness tester like the PHASCOPEยฎ PMP10 makes it simple to measure electroplated coatings even on small galvanized parts like nuts, bolts and screws. Versatile and easy to use, it can also determine the thickness of non-ferrous metal coatings, for example on insulating substrates like PCB boards, or nickel on steel, zinc or copper on steel, and copper on brass or bronze.

PHASCOPE PMP10 has several features that save you time and can improve the quality assurance processes of electroplating operations. When paired with the ESD2.4 probe, it allows you to quickly measure coatings on small parts, because re-calibration for the specific geometry of the measuring spot is typically not required. It can also test on rough surfaces without diminishing the accuracy of measurements.

The PHASCOPE PMP10 uses the phase-sensitive eddy current method, which is ideal for small objects like nuts and bolts because the shape of the test piece exerts very little influence on the measurement itself. This method also enables non-contact measuring: for example, determining the thickness of copper plating on a circuit board โ€“ right through a protective paint coating.


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