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  • Determination of the material parameters according to DIN EN ISO 14577 and ASTM E 2546
  • Dynamic mode for determining viscoelastic material properties (dynamic mechanical analysis)
  • Fast measurement: the zero point is determined within 30 seconds
  • Only minimal sample preparation required, even on dark surfaces
  • Suitable for testing solid materials and coatings > 1 ยตm thick, test-force range 0.1 โ€“ 2000 mN 
  • Thermally stable and resistant to vibrations: measures for several hours without external influences
  • Programmable sample stage for automated testing of multiple measurement points
  • Microscope with 4x, 20x and 40x lens for exact positioning of the measuring spot
  • Modular design enables customer-specific configurations or future upgrades of the device
  • Indenters: Vickers, Berkovich, carbide ball, Knoop or customized indenters
  • Powerful WIN-HCU software for intuitive operation and evaluation 
  • Expandable with heating table and AFM


  • Measurement of the hardness and elasticity of paint layers, for example automotive paint finishes
  • Testing of anodized layers
  • Instrumented indentation testing of hard material coatings, e. g. on tools
  • Characterization of surfaces in research and development, for example hard chrome or ceramic coatings on medical implants
  • Series testing in electroplating
  • Quality assurance of circuit boards, e. g. testing thin gold coatings or insulating layers 
  • Hardness testing on complex-shaped parts like housings
  • Characterization of composite materials

Nanoindentation for professionals

In material testing, the dynamic method has increasingly come to complement classic nanoindentation. Analogous to dynamic-mechanical analysis (DMA), it allows testing of the visco-elastic properties of substances. The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ HM2000 determines properties such as the indentation hardness and the depth-dependent elastic indenter modulus โ€“ and all of that in the nanometer range!

If you want to measure a sample in multiple places or do automated testing, the FISCHERSCOPE HM2000 is ideal. In just a few clicks, you can program in the measuring points  โ€“ the instrument takes care of the rest.

In addition to quality testing in electroplating, a common area of application for the FISCHERSCOPE HM2000 is the characterization of polymers at different temperatures. For this purpose, the automated system can be equipped with a heating stage.

Accessories for best measuring conditions

  • Closed measurement chamber to protect the device and prevent airflow from e. g. HVAC systems
  • Active damping table or acoustic hood with integrated vibration damping system to further reduce the effect of vibrations
  • Heating stage for temperature-dependent measurements
  • Highly precise sample stage for positioning accuracies of < 500 nm
  • Sample holder for various sample types, such as cross-sections or foils
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM)
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