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FMP100 and H FMP 150, Coating Thickness Gauge

FMP100 and H FMP 150, Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating Thickness Gauge Features

  • Wide range of measuring probes incl. many special probes for precise execution of various layer thickness measuring tasks
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to the magnetic-inductive measuring method according to DIN EN ISO 2178 and the eddy current testing according to DIN EN ISO 2360; additional magnetic method with the DUALSCOPE H FMP150
  • Coating thickness measurements according to standards, with special modes for IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD or QUALICOAT
  • Probes and base materials automatically recognized by the measuring device
  • Detailed display of measurement patterns and inspection plans on the high-resolution graphical touchscreen
  • Extensive evaluation and statistics functions with supporting graphical presentation options
  • Large memory for several thousand measuring applications with different calibrations
  • Windows CE operating system enables intuitive operation via graphical user interface and user-definable file-and-folder structure
  • Optionally available: Fischer DataCenter software for individual creation of test plans
  • USB connection to PC and printer port

Coating Thickness Gauge Applications

  • Non-magnetizable coatings on iron and steel; insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals
  • Duplex coatings (paint/hot-dip galvanised coatings) on steel (heavy duty corrosion protection), whereby paint and zinc coatings are measured simultaneously and displayed separately
  • DUALSCOPE H FMP150: thick metal and protective coatings on steel or iron; nickel coatings on non-ferrous metals or electrical insulators 

The perfect coating thickness gauge for professional quality assurance

Get maximum flexibility in coating thickness measurement while simultaneously meeting the highest demands in precision and accuracy: You can, with the DUALSCOPEยฎ FMP100 and DUALSCOPEยฎ H FMP150 coating thickness gauges from Fischer! They combine the magnetic-inductive measuring method and the eddy current testing method into one coating thickness gauge, so you can measure coating thicknesses on both steel and non-ferrous metals without changing instruments.

The DUALSCOPE H FMP150 coating thickness gauge offers you the magnetic method as well. This allows you to measure nickel layers on non-ferrous metals or electrical insulators, among other things.
The DUALSCOPE FMP100 and DUALSCOPE H FMP150 gauges are ideal for the most advanced measurement applications in quality assurance. You can use these handheld coating thickness devices to measure paint film , for example. You can even measure CDC coatings easily and precisely. Equipped with a touchscreen and the Windowsโ„ข CE operating system, the instruments are fast and intuitive to operate. And thanks to their large memory, they can process several thousand measuring tasks with several thousand measured values. 

Various statistical and analytical functions are available for evaluating the measurements. Another one of their advantages is our patented factory diagnosis diagram (FDD). This evaluation option visualizes the process and provides a graphic overview of the distribution of production variables like layer thickness.


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