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Certified Calibration Standards for Handheld Gauges

Certified Calibration Standards for Handheld Gauges

Accurate Measurement needs Correct Calibration

Handheld gauges for coating thickness and material testing need to be calibrated in order to be accurate. Regularly calibrating your instrument helps you meet specifications, improve your product quality and protect yourself from potential compensation claims. With this in mind, Fischer manufactures calibration foils and standards to be used with its premium line of instruments. The range includes over 300 calibration standards offered individually or as in sets.

Depending on the desired degree of traceability, the calibration standards are available either with a factory certificate or with an ISO 17025 certificate. The ISO 17025 certification from Fischerโ€™s calibration laboratory ensures traceability to internationally recognized material measures. Our experts will be happy to advise you on choosing the right calibration strategy.


With ISO 17025 Certificate

  • Meet the highest requirements of national metrological institutes such as PTB, NIM and NIST
  • Very low measurement uncertainty
  • Traceable to recognized basic units, internationally accepted
  • Simple pure-element layers on solids and as film standards

With Manufacturer's Certificate

  • Calibration foils or shims
  • Solid element blocks (for conductivity, ferrite content or composition)
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