Calibration standards

Traceable standards for every application.

Only a regularly calibrated and adjusted measuring device will deliver the correct results. Whether calibration standards with a factory certificate or standards that DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, whether by foil or solid, whether individually or as a set: with our traceable calibration standards, you can rely on absolutely reliable measurement results. We offer you more than 500 reference standards for calibrating your measuring devices – and therefore the right standards for every system and almost every application. If you have a special application, we are also happy to produce customized standards from your material. With a certificate on request. Everything to ensure that you are always on the safe side with your measurement results.

Made for you: Everything from the factory certificate to the DAkkS certificate

In addition to standards with common factory certificates, we also offer standards with DAkkS certifications, where you benefit from fewer measurement uncertainties. We have a DAkkS calibration laboratory in Germany accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for mass per unit area. This means that all Fischer standards are measured and certified by us with the highest quality, precision, care and proven measurement uncertainty. Our corresponding accessories complete the range.

Differences between standards with factory certificate and DAkkS certificate:

FeatureStandard with
factory certificate
Manufactured by DakkS-accredited calibration laboratoryYesYes
Manufacture according to DAkkS-accredited procedureNoYes
Proof of traceability to internationally recognized base unitsNoYes
Internationally recognized calibration certificateNoYes
Worldwide comparability of measurement resultsNoYes
Acceptance by certification bodies worldwide for higher
quality management standards, such as IATF 16949


Why calibration standards?

Regardless of whether they are called standards, calibration standards, reference standards or comparison standards. They are often indispensable for several reasons:


You can rely on the result


Your measurements are more precise

Elimination of errors.

Corrective measures can be initiated quickly


More safety, based on internationally recognized standards


The products are of uniformly high quality


Rules and regulations are adhered to with certificates

Overview of our standards

With well over 500 different calibration standards, we have the right standard for every application in our range. The following overview is only an excerpt. We would be happy to advise you on suitable calibration standards and your calibration strategy.

Customized and individual standards

Have your sample certified as a calibration standard. In many cases, it is even possible for us to issue an internationally recognized calibration certificate. You can present this to your customers and incorporate it into an existing QM system in accordance with ISO 9000/1. If a calibration standard corresponds to your products, this provides additional security for your production process.

The way to your customized standards:

Unique for your application(s): Certified and made from your specific material.

You clarify your requirements together with our experts.

You will receive a cost estimate from us based on this analysis.

You order and deliver your material to us in a suitable form.

Our in-house calibration laboratory tests your material for suitability.

We produce, certify and supply you with the calibration standards.

Done! Congratulations. You have significantly more security in your production process.