Inline measuring with highest precision for thin films.

Robust XRF instrument for measuring and analyzing thin films and layer systems in the running process with connection to the production control system.


Up to 50% ¹ increased
performance thanks to DPP+
Robust and low maintenance
through immovable parts
Measuring in vacuum ²
or in the air
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¹ Significantly improved standard deviation and thus gauge capability or significantly reduced measurement time compared DPP to DPP+.

Continuous and smart quality control.

Designed for maximum uptime, the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY 5000 series convinces among other things with a high degree of customization and outstanding measurement performance - non-contact, non-destructive and precise. The devices of this series form modular units, which is why they can be easily installed as pure components in an existing plant.


Easy integration, individually adaptable to your application

Does not break a sweat.

Sample temperatures up to 250 °C (482 °F) thanks to water cooling

DPP+ digital pulse processor.

Shorter measuring times or improvement of standard deviation*

*compared to the DPP

Robust and reliable.

No moving parts

Compact design.

Measuring head with all necessary components in one unit

Vacuum compatible.

Can be mounted on vacuum chambers

  • Features

      Microfocus tube with tungsten anode; molybdenum anode optional

      Fixed aperture (configurable up to Ø 11 mm)

      For measuring in vacuum or in the air

      Optionally with water cooling for sample temperatures up to 250 °C

      Silicon drift detector 50 mm² for highest precision

      Fixed filter (configurable)

      Peltier cooling

      Higher count rates and significantly reduced measurement times thanks to DPP+

      Any installation position possible

      Remote control and data export via TCP/IP interface

  • Application examples

      • Measuring thin coatings and low loadings on large-area products and substrates, such as fuel cells, on glass panels and very hot surfaces
      • Monitoring the composition and thickness of layers in photovoltaics such as CIGS, CIS, CdTe and CdS
      • Measuring thin layers of a few µm on metal strips, metal foils and plastic films
      • Process monitoring of sputtering and electroplating equipment

      You have further applications? Then contact us!

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