Inline measuring with maximum endurance.

Robust inline device for measuring on solid strips, punched grids with measuring structures from a few millimeters up to coated membranes or solid strips up to one meter wide.


Up to 50% ¹ increased
performance thanks to DPP+
Only device on the market that
punching grids
Quick changeover
between different bands
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¹ Significantly improved standard deviation and thus gauge capability or significantly reduced measurement time compared DPP to DPP+.

Inline quality inspection with XRF.

The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY 4000 series is designed for continuous and non-destructive analysis and measuring of coatings and coating systems in your electroplating business. Inline measuring not only saves you time, but also money through an optimal use of coating materials. The powerful, high-resolution detector, in combination with the DPP+, ensures maximum precision and short measuring times, giving you the necessary safety.

The automation solution is available as a pre-engineered solution. Benefit from an existing hardware and software design. Together we modify and adapt the automation device according to your requirements. It can be used freestanding or integrated modularly into your existing or upcoming production line.

Inline measurement in real time.

Precise and fast measurement in your shift operation


Approach measuring points precisely and change measuring task at the same time

Intelligent self-monitoring.

Automatable regular calibration and measuring equipment monitoring


Individually adaptable to your application

Easy to operate.

Strip for adjustment and operating panel easily accessible

Compact design.

Positioning axis and measuring head in one unit

DPP+ digital pulse processor.

Shorter measuring times or improvement of standard deviation*

*compared to the DPP

  • Features

      Microfocus tube with tungsten anode; molybdenum anode optional

      Hardware and software tailored to your application

      Horizontal or vertical installation position

      Higher count rates and significantly reduced measurement times thanks to DPP+

      2-fold or 4-fold changeable apertures

      6-fold changeable filter

      Silicon drift detector 50 mm² for highest precision

      Remote control and data export via TCP/IP interface

  • Application examples

      • Analysis and measuring of coatings and layer systems in manufacturing processes
      • Measuring of electroplated layers on solid and stamped strips, also with formed and embossed contact surfaces
      • Measuring electrical contacts on strip material or on membranes for fuel cells
      • Monitoring of hot air solder-leveled steel and non-ferrous metal coils
      • Measuring functional layers in the solar industry

      Do you have further applications? Then contact us!

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