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Company founder Helmut Fischer has passed away

The passionate visionary and inventor was a committed entrepreneur and promoter of art and science throughout his life.

It is with great sadness that we take leave from our company founder Helmut Fischer, who passed away on December 9, 2023 at the age of 92 surrounded by his family.

Helmut Fischer laid the foundations for today's globally successful Helmut Fischer Group when he founded the company "Schuhmann und Fischer" in Stuttgart in 1953. For decades, his fascination with technology, his innovative spirit and energy for work shaped his solutions in the field of coating thickness measurement – all perfected by his love of statistics.

With his entrepreneurial vision, perseverance, and thirst for knowledge, he formed a unique company. His commitment and Swabian down-to-earth attitude, coupled with his constant ability to think outside the box, truly set him apart. Last but not least, his constant testing of products in practice and his understanding of their application made him very successful. Our customers still appreciate this today. His desire to have a deep mathematical understanding was reflected in his admiration for Gauss, as was his connection to philosophy and his associated appreciation of thinkers and poets such as Goethe.

A life's work in coating thickness measurement

Helmut Fischer was a visionary whose ideas stood for innovation, quality, and customer-oriented solutions. Under his leadership, the company of the same name developed into one of the world's leading measurement technology manufacturers with 21 subsidiaries worldwide. Helmut Fischer recognized the potential of measurement technology solutions and their importance in post-war history like no other. He is regarded as one of the global pioneers of coating thickness measurement for industrial applications.

In 2003, Helmut Fischer retired from operational business after five decades of managing the company. He transferred his life's work to the Helmut Fischer Foundation, thus ensuring the designated and charitable continuance of his labors. "A foundation makes it possible to marry private corporate success with one’s responsibility to the public" is how Helmut Fischer saw himself. Besides innovative research projects in the natural sciences, the Helmut Fischer Foundation also funds numerous ventures in the areas of art and culture. This is because Helmut Fischer was not only an enterprising businessman but also a lifelong art collector and avid man of letters. Even in his well-earned retirement, he always followed the development of his company with great interest.

"Helmut Fischer was a passionate physicist and entrepreneur. His work was always focused on the well-being of the company and its customers," says Dr. Martin Leibfritz, CEO of the Helmut Fischer Group.

The funeral will be held in the immediate family circle.

In memory,

The management and all employees of the Helmut Fischer Group

Helmut Fischer Portrait

Unternehmensgründer Helmut Fischer