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The TERASCOPE® revolutionizes the automated multilayer thickness measurement with terahertz waves

The TERASCOPE® is causing a sensation in measuring technology world with its terahertz technology. The innovative measuring system for fully automated multilayer coating thickness measurement and material analysis can be used in a wide range of applications and takes quality assurance to a new level in numerous industries such as automotive, aerospace, semiconductors, extrusion of plastic and many others.

The TERASCOPE® enables non-destructive and non-contact measurement of organic single and multilayers on any base material. Up to seven layers can be analyzed in detail within a few seconds and with just one measurement. Harmless terahertz waves penetrate organic materials such as plastics, wood, ceramics, lacquers, paints and many more, regardless of the base material. The TERASCOPE® thus opens up a wide field of applications in industrial measuring technology. 

"With the TERASCOPE® we measure single and multilayer systems even from organic materials, for example lacquers and paints, in a non-contact, non-destructive manner and in a matter of seconds. In addition, the THz technology enables us to check specific material properties," explains Dr. Martin Leibfritz, CEO of the Helmut Fischer Group.


An innovative system for all cases

With an outstanding bandwidth of up to 6 THz* and in combination with the patented Clean-Trace technology, the measuring system guarantees high-precision measurement results and high repeatability. Thanks to the high sampling rate of 1.6 kHz*, measured values are recorded quickly and reliably, even in harsh environments. Optimized for automation, the compact measuring head positions itself optimally to the measurement object using an optional highly sensitive 3D scanner. This means that even curved and complex-shaped surfaces as well as wet and soft coatings can be measured easily and with market-leading measurement performance. 

Fast and targeted cost savings 

The robust measuring system enables processes that are measurably more effective and economical for quality control. Used to measure coating thickness, determine radar transmission and reflection or even to detect invisible defects and hidden corrosion, the TERASCOPE® provides targeted support in saving resources and costs by delivering high-precision and detailed measurement data for quality assurance quickly, fully automatically and non-destructively. The measuring system can be flexibly and easily integrated into new or existing production plants and process control systems by plant manufacturers and integrators. 

Relentless and intelligent

The TERASCOPE® is designed for nonstop 24/7 operation. The measuring head measures electro-optically and is therefore particularly low-maintenance. The measuring system guarantees maximum reliability thanks to automatic regular referencing. The TERASCOPE® also makes no compromises when it comes to software. The powerful and smart Tera Suite® controls the measuring system and enables full data control and resource-saving energy management. 

For more information, please visit: www.helmut-fischer.com/terascope

Availability depending on region and country. 


* Depending on configuration. 

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Das TERASCOPE® – Vollautomatisierte Terahertz-Messung von Fischer.