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Hard shell, precise core - The new DMP series


Whoever guarantees quality should rely on quality: Introducing the revolutionary DMP instrument series for tactile and non-destructive coating thickness measurement.

The new DMP series is now available in our tactile product portfolio . With the new DMP series, we put an exclamation mark in tactile and non-destructive coating thickness measurement of magnetizable and non-magnetizable base materials. The DMP instruments are convincing in their robust, modern design and being equipped with digital probes and new software for extensive evaluations.

These devices shine with a modern look and come with numerous new features, including an all-aluminum housing with IP64, a soft bumper to protect against falls, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant display with Gorilla Glass, the ability to limit monitoring via light, sound and vibration, a replaceable and quickly rechargeable battery, and the simplest data transfers via USB-C and Bluetooth.

The DMP devices can be used for almost any measurement requirement in numerous industries. The DUALSCOPEยฎ, DELTASCOPEยฎ and ISOSCOPEยฎ models specialize in their respective fields of application, whether measuring electrically non-conductive layers on non-magnetizable, electrically conductive base materials or measuring non-magnetizable layers on magnetizable base materials. The DUALSCOPEยฎ itself combines both applications and thus offers highest flexibility in one instrument. Also part of the DMP instrument series are the FERITSCOPEยฎ DMP30, for precise measurement of ferrite content, and the SR-SCOPEยฎ DMP30, for reliable measurement of copper thickness on printed circuit boards.

All DMP instruments are available with our new digital probes, which offer outstanding accuracy and the highest repeatability as well as smart and future-proof connectivity via USB-C interface. Additionally, with the help of the F-adapter, users can also continue to use the full performance of our analog probes and thus benefit from the largest probe portfolio on the market.

The new Tactile Suite software is the most intuitive and modern software in tactile coating thickness measurement. It features a modern design, innovative user guidance and extensive functionalities. These include automatic device and probe recognition, immediate data transfer to Excel in real time via USB-C and Bluetooth, and extensive options for conveniently creating reports and evaluations.

For more information, please visit: www.helmut-fischer.com/dmp

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