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Live & Exclusively in Zofingen, Switzerland: Cost-Free Seminar Organized by Helmut Fischer AG & Metrohm Schweiz AG

Seminar in Switzerland: Quality Control in Electroplating

Learn Everything You Need to Know about Quality Control in Electroplating!

A must for all users and interested people in the field of electroplating! On September 21, 2021, Helmut Fischer AG and Metrohm Schweiz AG present the seminar on "quality control from bath to end product in electroplating plants" โ€“ cost-free and live. Experts from both companies will teach you everything you need to know โ€“ from bath analysis and monitoring to coating thickness measurement of the final products. In theoretical and practical units, you will become a measurement expert as well!


  • Quality control of electroplating baths โ€“ comprehensive analytical solutions
  • Continuous bath monitoring and control via online analysis
  • 5 reasons to switch to automatic titration
  • Tactile layer thickness determination: don't waste material but ensure your quality
  • Coating thickness determination and bath analysis with X-RAY instruments
  • How does your gauge monitoring look like? Help: what does measurement uncertainty, accuracy and repeatability mean?
  • Hands on training

The seminar is held in German. Click here to get more information. The number of participants is limited โ€“ so sign in directly!

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