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Helmut Fischer presents the FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDAL-PCB

Helmut Fischer presents the new FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDAL-PCB

The new member of the Fischer PCB family for precise measurement and analysis of layer thicknesses and compositions on printed circuit boards

With the introduction of the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDALยฎ-PCB, Helmut Fischer supplements its PCB series. Higher count rates are made possible due to the combination of multicollimators and a highly sensitive silicon drift detector (SDD). This results in excellent energy resolution, short measuring times and optimal repeatability. The benchtop device is simple to operate and is designed for the measurement of functional layers as well as the smallest components and structures on printed circuit boards.

As a full-range supplier in the field of surface inspection, Helmut Fischer is continuously working to adapt its portfolio to the specific needs of its customers. With the PCB series, the measurement technology specialist offers users specialized measurement solutions for PCBs. The devices deliver reliable and fast results for both simple as well as complex measurement tasks and layer thickness measurement down to the nanometer range. The new XDAL-PCB is a great addition to the PCB series, as it closes the gap between the more cost-effective entry level devices, XULM-PCB and XDLM-PCB, and the premium device, XDV-ยต PCB.

The measuring instrument has four changeable apertures (collimator) and three changeable primary filters. This creates ideal excitation conditions for every measurement and results in flexibility for a wide range of measurement tasks. Equipped with a powerful silicon drift detector (SDD), the XDAL-PCB easily measures more complex applications and very thin layers. The manually extractable measuring stage enables quick and easy sample positioning. Additionally, this can be configured with a measuring stage extension or an automated XY stage.

The XDAL-PCB is ideally suited for quality assurance in manufacturing and applications such as the determination of the lead content in solder or the phosphorus content on NiP layers, the analysis of the composition of electroplating baths or the typical layer structure on PCBs. Furthermore, the instrument fulfils the requirements to measure ENIG and ENEPIG coatings.

When developing the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDALยฎ-PCB, special attention was paid to robustness and reliability. Thus, all prerequisites for a long service life under the most adverse conditions in the electronics and semiconductor industry have been created. Like the rest of the product range of the measurement technology specialist, Helmut Fischer, this device also features high accuracy and long-term stability. These features reduce the calibration effort and save time and costs.

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