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Fischer Training Courses 2020

Download Press picture: Helmut Fischer Training Courses 2020

Learning never ends!

Training courses are an integral part of Helmut Fischer Globalโ€™s corporate philosophy. This year, Fischer will once again offer the opportunity to learn more about X-ray fluorescence measurements. Experienced product trainers at Fischer will impart their specialist knowledge in a well-structured manner. These training courses are held in the company's application laboratories in Sindelfingen, Berlin and Dusseldorf.

For many years, training on "coating thickness measurement and material analysis using X-ray fluorescence" (X-RAY training) is well-known in the market and is very popular with participants. During the one-day training courses, participants learn both theoretical basics and practical implementation of the measurement method.

Experienced product trainers demonstrate device calibration in order to improve accuracy of measurement results. Also, influence parameters and the solution to complex measurement tasks are discussed. Participants will be able to put into practice what they have learnt on actual X-ray fluorescence instruments.

In order to offer a more personalized experience and to be able to respond more specifically to individual requirements, the number of participants are limited to 15 per course.

The table below shows dates and venues for upcoming training courses. Further information on course content and participation costs can be found at www.helmut-fischer.com/xrs


  • 25.03.2020: X-RAY in Sindelfingen (postponed, new date will be announced)
  • 26.03.2020: X-RAY in Sindelfingen (postponed, new date will be announced)
  • 01.04.2020: X-RAY in Berlin (postponed, new date will be announced)
  • 27.05.2020: X-RAY in Dusseldorf (postponed, new date will be announced)

In addition, Fischer offers customized product training courses. During such courses, experienced product trainers train users based on their specific measuring devices and tasks. These product trainings are arranged on request, the group size is specified by the customer. The training courses can be carried out either on-site at customer premises or at Fischer application laboratories. More information can be found at www.helmut-fischer.com/ptr


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