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Fischer Presents the Next Generation of Digital Pulse Processors

Fischer Presents the New DPP+

The new in-house developed pulse processor DPP+

Helmut Fischer Global has developed its instruments for improved performance with new digital pulse processors (DPP+). Developed in-house, the processor combines Fischer measurement technology with the latest technological advancements. Used together with the new large silicon drift detector (SDD), a higher count rate is achieved with excellent energy resolution. This results in shorter measurement times at equal or higher measurement repeatability.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometers used for gold applications (Goldscope SD 520 and SD 550 and Fischerscope X-RAY XAN 220 to 252) are the first instruments to benefit from the new DPP+ installation. The DPP+ is able to process fluorescence signals at a much faster speed compared to its predecessor. At the same time, the large SDD with an effective area of 50 mm² is able to detect more fluorescence signals than before. Together, these two components bring Fischer X-ray fluorescence spectrometers to a new level of precision.

Thorough testing shows that the absolute standard deviation can be reduced by up to 45 percent at the same measurement time with the new DPP+ and large SDD. Moreover, the same standard deviation is achievable with a measurement time that is three times shorter.

By developing components in-house, Fischer ensures the high quality of each measuring device. In this manner, Fischer maintains its position as the leading measurement technology specialist worldwide.

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