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Fischer Measurement Technology for Measuring Sn Coatings on Cu Alloys

Measurement of the layer thickness in the plant

Interesting Article in the June Issue of Galvanotechnik

Read the article (Galvanotechnik 06/2021, pp. 751 - 754, Eugen G. Leuze Verlag) about the properties of Sn coatings on Cu alloys โ€“ and how to measure the coatings optimally. XRF measurement in combination with the coulometric method can be used to determine the coating thickness and intermetallic phase (IMP), depending on the coating system and substrate. Thanks to its comprehensive expertise and diverse portfolio of measuring instruments, Fischer offers the measurement technology tailored for this purpose: the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY 4000 for inline measurements in real time as well as the COULOSCOPEยฎ CMS2.


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