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Measure Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium in Automotive Catalytic Converters

Precious Metal Analysis of Catalytic Converters | XRF Analysis

Automotive catalytic converters contain the precious metals Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium. The exact amount of these elements is important for the recycling industry to determine scrap values.

XRF Precious Metal Analysis for Automotive Catalysts

The European Directive on End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV 2000/53/EC) has the real effect that a huge number of different automotive catalytic converters are now recycled. The value of these used catalytic converters depends on the amount of precious metals they contain, making it important for the recycling industry to be able to determine precisely the content of Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium.

In comparison to analysis using traditional chemical methods, measurement of these three elements can be performed more quickly and accurately with the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-SDD equipment.

To get the best measuring results the catalyst structures are first milled and pressed into pellets. The FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-SDD has a programmable measuring stage, which makes it easy to analyse a large number of samples (pellets) automatically.

The powerful WinFTMยฎ analysis software provides accurate measurements of all three precious metals by their components.

Comparison of Measurement Results: XRF Analysis and Chemical Analysis of Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium

Comparison of XDV-SDD and chemical analysis by ICP-OES for some automotive catalytic converters. Values in mg/kg.
  Platinum   Palladium   Rhodium  
A2 1065 1055 861 871 236 243
A3 1004 995 785 774 201 186
A4 770 741 1335 1315 125 100
A5 856 880 850 856 194 181
A6 1158 1142 806 815 180 177
A7 1071 1089 729 756 185 186
A8 1060 1057 761 747 189 189
A9 3112 3200 2830 2789 716 700
A10 975 996 887 884 177 172
XRF Film Thickness Measurement, XDV SDD
ProductXRF Film Thickness Measurement, XDV SDDXRF Film Thickness Measurement, XDV SDD

Your Measuring Instrument for the XRF Analysis of Precious Metal Content in Catalysts

With its silicon drift detector (SDD), the programmable measuring stage and the powerful analysis software, WinFTMยฎ, the FISCHERSCOPEยฎ X-RAY XDVยฎ-SDD is perfectly suited for the efficient, precise and convenient measurement of precious metal content in catalytic converters.

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