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For X-ray technique and X-ray analysis radiolucent windows are needed in many cases.

These windows can work as a transparent gas barrier for X-ray tubes and detectors for example. Because of the highly Z-dependent absorption of X-rays, especially at low energies, it is necessary that the window is made of low atomic number materials and low thicknesses. At this beryllium has a special position in the periodic table. It is one of the light metals and nevertheless it has a remarkably high melting point and a significantly higher young´s modulus than steel. Thus, it is possible to manufacture Be-windows with thicknesses of 100-8 microns, which will withstand the load of the air pressure against the vacuum.

The processing of beryllium is technologically demanding. This is commanded reliably in the Helmut Fischer GmbH. In 2013 more than 500 window units were manufactured for renowned companies, of which not any was objected.

We offer routinely cuts to 18.8 mm diameter and rectangular shapes to 40 mm edge length. The manufacturing of our Be-windows ranges from the engineering of the window group, production of the corresponding form, the cutting of the Be-foil to the assembly. Alternatively we can offer you the cutting of the foil with various geometric shapes. The convincing quality of our products at attractive prices and short lead times has led to a steady growth of this product line.

We also offer non beryllium protection windows of polyimide and head protection windows of aluminum metalized polyimide, e.g. for the usage in the in situ process analysis.

In preparation there are new windows for X-ray analysis based on glassy carbonate.

All our products are subject to strict quality controls and meet international standards. Productions under conditions of clean room class 100 are possible.


Technical Parameters X-Ray Windows

* The low-Z coating provides a higher vacuum-tightness and makes the window resistant to atmospheric moisture and chemicals.
Coating* uncoated / coated
Quality 99.8 % / 99.0 %
Thickness, µm 8, 12, 25, 50, 100
Diameter ronde, mm 2 – 20 (other dia. on request)
Socket with / without

(copy 2)

Technical Parameters PI-Windows

Coating* Al, Au, ITO (indium tin oxide), other on request; one side / both
Thickness, µm 8, 12.5, 25, 51, 76, 127
Diameter ronde, mm 2 – 20 (other on request)
Socket with / without
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