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Ensuring the Highest Coating Durability for PCB Manufacturers

  • Fischer as part of the IPC Plating Sub Committee involved in setting the standard
  • New Revision: IPC-4552-B now allows for Reduction Assisted Immersion Gold (RAI Gold)
  • Ensuring optimum product performance
  • Wide selection of Fischer XRF systems meet the IPC-4552-B requirements
  • Certified reference standards for measuring phosphorous content of electroless nickel under gold with Fischer XRF systems

IPC, the global association for electronics manufacturing, published the latest version of the IPC-4552 (ENIG / PCB) standard in 2021.The IPC-4552-B standard sets the requirements for Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) deposit thickness for applications including soldering, wire bonding, and as a contact finish. Those requirements specify the amount of gold applied for optimized product performance which demands for accurate quality control of the gold coating thickness. This standard is used to specify acceptance criteria to meet performance standards for IPC-6010 family of documents including IPC-6012, IPC-6013 and IPC-6018. New: IPC-4552-B also allows for Reduction Assisted Immersion Gold (RAI Gold). The ENIG deposit specified using this document will meet the highest coating durability rating as specified in IPC-J-STD-003 printed board solderability specification.


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