Sustancias químicas, petroquímicas, minería

Soluciones sólidas y altamente fiables para trabajos metrológicos en la industria química y petroquímica.

Measurement of Thick Coatings on Pipelines

On oil pipelines, propylene coatings serve a multitude of important purposes including corrosion prevention and insulation, but they are expensive. In order to ensure appropriate thickness for guaranteeing performance without wasting valuable material, the application process needs to be controlled carefully.

Complying with regulations concerning coating thickness inside storage tanks

Anticorrosion coatings on the interior of storage tanks are critical when storing many types of products, whether saltwater or freshwater, gasoline, ballast, foamy liquids, or diesel. Typically, regulations are in place to ensure that the right coating is used. Quality inspection of the coating is an essential part of compliance with the regulations.

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