The development and manufacture of high precision capillary optics for beam shaping of X-rays is a technological core competence of the Helmut Fischer GmbH. These components are the basis for modern micro-beam X-ray fluorescence devices by FISCHER for measurements on small structures.

X-Ray Optics

X-ray capillary optics are used to guide and shape X-radiation. Such systems are either monocapillaries, such as cylindrical, ellipsoidal or paraboloidal capillaries or polycapillaries, consisting of a monolithic system of a large number of hollow capillary channels.

X-Ray Windows

For X-ray technique and X-ray analysis radiolucent windows are needed in many cases. These windows can work as a transparent gas barrier for X-ray tubes and detectors for example.

Neutron Optics

The intensity of today’s neutron sources is many orders of magnitude below that of synchrotron sources. Therefore, any method is welcome that leads to an increase in the neutron flux on the sample and in the detector.

Neutron Optics

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