Surface Inspection

The surface properties of a given component of a material often determine its suitability for specific application purposes. For instance, the mechanical properties are often decisive for durability, while the roughness of its surface plays an important role in coating technology.

You can reliably determine mechanical values as well as the surface profile with exceptional accuracy using precise measurement instruments from Fischer.

Nanoindentation and Mechanical Properties

Testing devices for the exact characterization of soft to very hard materials as well as coatings in the micro- and nanometer ranges.

Nanoindentation and Mechanical Properties

Surface Profile Measurement

Tactile measurement probes for exactly determining the surface profile before the coating process.

Profile Measurement

Salt Kit

Salt Kit in a robust case for measuring the contamination of surfaces prior to painting.

Salt Kit

Calibration and Accessories

Calibration standard, gauge stands, software and accessories for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and nanoindentation with measurement instruments from Fischer.

Calibration and Accessories

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