The dry film thickness (DFT) gauges from the FMP10 to FMP40 series deliver precise results and the various measurement techniques available make them highly flexible. Models are available with magnetic inductive test method on ferrous substrates (DELTASCOPE®), eddy current test method on non-ferrous substrates (ISOSCOPE®) or both techniques combined (DUALSCOPE®). By attaching different probes to these instruments, you quickly create the right solution for virtually any dry film thickness measurement task.

FISCHER, FMP Series, Dualscope FMP, Isoscope FMP, Deltascope FMP, measure coating thickness
FMP 10/40: Portable instruments for measuring coating thickness with exchangeable probes


  • Interchangeable probes provide flexibility for a diverse range of dry film thickness (DFT) measurement tasks
  • Efficient and structured measurement, with enough memory for several thousand applications, as well as many evaluation and display functions
  • Measure according to standards, with special modes for IMO PSPC,


  • DELTASCOPE® for dry film thickness (DFT) coatings on steel and iron
  • ISOSCOPE® for dry film thickness (DFT) coatings on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • DUALSCOPE® with automatic substrate recognition and the combination of two measurement techniques (magnetic induction and eddy current); DUALSCOPE® can measure a variety of DFT coatings on iron/steel or non-ferromagnetic metals and on non-conductive substrates
  • Coatings in the micrometer range on non-ferrous metals, iron or steel
  • Thick dry film coatings made from non-ferrous metals or protective coatings on steel

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