X-ray fluorescence

From highly flexible to highly customized, Fischer now offers three new X-ray fluorescence measurement systems

X-RAY XAN® 500 – the versatile XRF measurement technology



  • Mobile X-ray fluorescence device
  • Optimized for layer thickness measurement and analysis of alloys
  • Tilting protection for measurements with one hand
  • Measuring box and tablet with WinFTM software

Your advantages

  • Precise layer thickness measurement (e.g., Zn, ZnNi, Ag, Au)
  • One device – three application areas: mobile, stationary and inline
  • Measure bulky parts with high repeatability
  • Placed into the measuring box the XAN 500 turns into a full-function table-top instrument
  • Integrated into the control system of a production line, the XAN 500 carries out 100% monitoring

Compact and powerful: the XAN 500 is equipped with a tablet and the WinFTM software

large measuring distance – small measuring spots



  • Universal X-ray fluorescence system ideally suited for measuring very thin and complex layer systems
  • Large measuring distance (12 mm)
  • Micro-focus tube and polycapillary optics provide for very small measurement spots
  • Special housing and an extended sample table

Your advantages

  • Measurement of samples with complex geometry, e.g. of printed circuit boards
  • Very high excitation intensity shortens the measurement time
  • Easy handling of large samples like circuit boards

Whether printed circuit boards or connectors: the XDV-µ LD is the right choice for small components with a complex geometry

X-RAY XDV®-µ LEAD FRAME – customized for the electronic industry



  • Automated layer thickness measurement and material analysis of conductor tracks, contacts or lead frames
  • Analysis in ambient air or with helium purge
  • Polycapillary optics for small measuring spots

Your advantages

  • Measurement of multi-layer systems and NiP coatings
  • Built-in helium purge allows the measurement of very light elements such as sodium
  • Also suitable for large printed circuit boards

The XDV®-µ LEAD FRAME covers a very wide range of elements – from sodium (11) to uranium (92)


Available from second half of 2017

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