The quality assurance of functional and decorative finishes in automotive construction calls for precision testing of coating thicknesses and material properties. Tight tolerance limits on coating thicknesses, the diverse range of substrate materials and hard-to-reach measurement positions place high demands on measurement instruments.

Lacquer Layers in Automotive Industry

Robust measurement technology for the reliable testing of lacquer thicknesses on new and used vehicles.

Anti-corrosion Coatings

Guaranteed rust-free thanks to quality testing: quickly and efficiently test the thickness of zinc and EPD coatings.

Wear Protection and Functional Coatings

Resilience for automotive components: FISCHER offers technology for testing the mechanical properties of sophisticated wear-resistance layers made from hard materials, DLC and NiP.

Special solutions

Innovations for our customers: instruments for special measurements like the thickness of sound insulation foam or other organic layers such as oil.

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