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Fischer presents the next generation of the digital pulse processor

The new DPP+ pulse processor developed in-house.

With the new DPP+ digital pulse processor, Fischer is making its measuring instruments fit for the future. Developed in-house, the processor incorporates a significant part of the measurement technology specialist's know-how. In combination with the larger silicon drift detector, which is also new, a higher count rate is achieved, resulting in excellent energy resolution. For customers, this means minimizing measurement time and optimizing repeatability.

Two small components with a big impact: buyers of the Goldscope SD 520 and 550 and Fischerscope X-RAY XAN 220 to 252 X-ray fluorescence spectrometers will now benefit from the new DPP+ digital pulse processor. This processor, specially developed by Fischer, forms one of the central elements in terms of precision and accuracy of an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Also cutting-edge on the market is the silicon drift detector with a 50 mm2 effective area. Thanks to this Fischer innovation, the instrument detects more as well as weaker fluorescence signals starting from the measurement sample.

Both components in combination take measurements with X-ray fluorescence to a new level. The example of a gold measurement proved: Now the processing of a very high count rate at a very good energy resolution is possible. For the user, this means significant advantages compared to the past. On the one hand, the absolute standard deviation can be reduced by up to 45 percent for the same measurement time and thus significantly more precise results can be achieved. On the other hand, the same standard deviation can be achieved with a threefold shorter measurement time.

By developing the components in-house, Fischer ensures that the company's own portfolio of measuring instruments is optimized in a customized manner. This consolidates its position as one of the world's preeminent metrology specialists.

New digital pulse processor DPP+