With the DUALSCOPE® FMP100 and FMP150, Fischer offers high-performance handheld measurement instruments for demanding, variable tasks in professional coating thickness measurement. Equipped with a touchscreen and the Windows™ CE operating system, the instruments are fast and intuitive to use. The larger system memory means you can work on several thousand measurement tasks. There are various statistical and analytical functions available for processing the results.

In addition, with DataCenter IP Inspection Plan software, you can compile individual graphical plans, for example to ensure consistent workflows in production or to rapidly familiarize untrained users with the correct measurement procedures.

FISCHER, FMP 100/150, Dualscope FMP, Isoscope FMP, Deltascope FMP, measure coating thickness
FMP 100/150: Portable instruments for measuring coating thickness with exchangeable probes


  • Changeable probes provide flexibility for a diverse range of measurement tasks
  • Detailed presentation of measurement patterns and inspection plans on the high-resolution graphical touchscreen
  • Intuitive handling with the Windows™ CE operating system
  • Measurement of coatings on iron and non-ferrous metals, by means of both magnetic induction and eddy current methods
  • Measure according to standards, with special modes for IMO PSPC,


  • DUALSCOPE® for coatings on steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, with no need to change the instrument
  • FMP150: nickel coatings on non-ferrous metals or electrical insulators
  • Coatings in the micrometer range on non-ferrous metals, iron or steel
  • Thick coatings made from non-ferrous metals or protective coatings on steel

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