Material analysis

Correctly identify material compositions.

The elemental composition of a material determines its characteristic properties. In elemental analysis, we determine the exact composition of materials. Analyze the elements that make up your material non-destructively with measuring instruments from Fischer. All our analytical instruments use the energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence method and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Numerous customers from industry and research have trusted our measuring solutions for decades.

Together with you, we will find the right solution for even the most challenging applications – from portable XRF instrument to XRF benchtop devices and automation solutions.

Why it is important to analyze materials?

Detect quality defects and weak points at an early stage and save money. The correct composition of the materials used is essential for the quality assurance of your products. The quantity of a certain element in a component has a decisive influence on its functionality and long-term stability. With the help of element analysis, you can reliably check whether the material composition meets the required specifications. For example, when testing the gold content or determining elements that are hazardous to health, such as heavy metals.

With the measuring devices from Fischer, you determine the elemental and chemical composition of the material in your sample precisely, non-destructively and without contact. All instruments are designed for fast and accurate measurement directly in the production process or even in the store. You can rely 100 % on the measuring results. Promised.

Why Fischer?

We see ourselves as your technical advisor, partner and expert in all aspects of material analysis.
To ensure that you get the best solution in the end, we clarify the following questions, among others:

What are your applications? Which elements should be determined?

What are component geometries like?

Where do you want to measure on the part? How many measurement points are required?

How exactly do you want to determine the individual elements/concentrations?

Which of our measuring devices is best suited for the cost and has a benefit-optimized solution of your measuring task?

What is the approach for optimal performance and accuracy?

What standards, training or accessories do you need to be effective with your new measuring device as quickly as possible?

Your material analysis. Our measuring method.

In practice, XRF – Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis has proven and established itself for material analysis. X-ray fluorescence analysis is non-destructive, non-contact, clean and fast. As a user, you receive highly precise analysis results within a very short time. All technically relevant elements from magnesium to uranium can be detected.

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