Coating thickness measurement

Precise measuring down to the nanometer range.

Coating thickness measurement/Dry film thickness measurement is used to determine the thickness of coatings on components and to monitor the coating process. Our measuring instruments solve a wide range of applications in coating thickness measurement. Whether single or multilayer coatings, painted or galvanized, magnetizable or conductive. Measure your coatings non-destructive or destructive, non-contact or contact, but always 100 % reliable. Our measuring solutions are used by numerous customers in a wide range of industries – from production to laboratory.

We find the right solution for even the most challenging applications – from tactile measuring devices to XRF instruments, from THz systems to automation solutions.

Why it is important to measure the coating thickness?

With a reliable and precise coating thickness measurement/dry film thickness measurement you benefit in many ways. You can constantly monitor your coating process and guarantee the thickness and thus the functionality of your coatings. But not only that. In addition to monitoring the thickness and ensuring the quality of your coating, you reduce process and material costs, comply with important industry standards and continuously keep an eye on your processes.

Fischer coating/dry film thickness gauges ensure absolutely reliable measurement results at every step of your production process – from incoming goods inspection to delivery and beyond. All instruments are designed for fast and accurate measurement directly in the production process.

Why Fischer?

We see ourselves as your technical consultant, partner and expert in all aspects of coating thickness measurement. To ensure that you get the best solution in the end, we clarify the following questions, among others:

Which of our measuring instrument is best suited for the cost- and benefit-optimized solution of your measuring task?

What is the approach for optimal performance and accuracy?

What standards, training, or accessories do you needtobe efficient with your new measuring device in as short amount of time as possible? Do you need to be efficient with your new measuring device quickly?

Your coating thickness measurement. Our measuring methods.

For measuring the coating thickness/dry film thickness we offer different methods: X-ray fluorescence, beta-backscattering methods, magnetic inductive and eddy-current measuring methods, coulometry or also measuring via terahertz. Which measuring method is suitable for your application is determined by the base material and the coating material of the test part.

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