Reliable measurement technology for material analysis of recycled materials.

In the first step, the recycling process consists of analyzing the material composition of waste products and at the same time checking their reusability. On the one hand, it is relevant how much of which material is present, and on the other hand, the purity of the material for further processing plays a decisive role. For example, the precious metals contained in catalysts can be reused. The finest impurities, however, already reduce their quality.

At Fischer, we offer specialized measuring technology solutions for the recycling industry that enable detailed and reliable material analysis. The measuring instruments are designed for harsh environmental conditions of recycling plants such as dust, humidity, vibrations and temperature fluctuations and provide reliable measuring results at all times.

Application examples


The value of catalysts depends largely on the precious metals they contain. In order to determine what of the catalysts disposed of can be reused – for example platinum, palladium or rhodium – Fischer offers non-destructive and user-friendly measuring devices for material analysis.

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