Technical materials

High-precision measurement technology for reliable quality testing of technical materials.

Technical materials are elementary production factors in the manufacture of machines and tools. Their properties are designed and optimized to meet specific technical requirements. For example, PVD or CVD coatings (Physical Vapor Deposition/Chemical Vapor Deposition) or coatings of nickel-phosphorus or DLC (Diamond-like Carbon), which have a degree of hardness corresponding to the application, are used for wear protection for cutting tools.

With our measurement technology for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, nanoindentation and material testing you can check the quality and performance of technical materials for your applications. Even for the thinnest coatings and films, our measuring devices provide highly precise and reliable results.

Application examples

Machines and tools

Carbide alloys or hard coatings are intended to provide reliable wear protection for machine tools such as cutting and punching heads, milling cutters or drills. To guarantee the quality and durability of such tools, the composition, coating thickness and surface hardness of the engineering material from which the parts are made or with which they are coated must be tested.

For this purpose, Fischer measurement technology uses various measuring methods such as energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis to reliably determine, for example, properties of TiN coatings and other hard metals or carbide coatings.

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