Paints and varnishes

Innovative measurement technology for quality assurance of paint and lacquer surfaces.

The areas of application in coating thickness measurement, material analysis, hardness measurement and material testing of paint and lacquer surfaces are diverse. For example, in order to maintain gloss and luminosity under the influence of UV radiation, or to protect glasses and lenses from scratches and wear, special paints and varnishes are used that must meet certain quality standards to ensure durability.

With our measuring devices, you can achieve the most accurate and reliable measurement results even with very thin coatings, in measuring positions that are difficult to access and on uneven surfaces, for example to test the surface hardness of paint coatings. We have the right measuring solutions for your challenges!

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Application examples

Paints and varnishes

Mechanical properties such as surface hardness play a decisive role in assessing the quality of paint coatings. The thinner the coating, the more relevant any deviations from specified limit values are. When it comes to protective coatings on glasses or lenses, for example, even the smallest damage or inhomogeneities can significantly impair functionality.

Our measuring devices enable you to detect the finest differences in surface condition and assess the quality and durability of your painted surfaces. Our application notes give you a detailed insight into some fields of application. Take a look inside!

Application Notes

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