Optics and precision mechanics

High-precision measurement technology for optical and precision mechanical components.

In addition to consumer optics, the optical and precision engineering industry also includes high-tech sectors such as biotechnology, medical technology, photonics and laser technology. In the field of optical system technology, for example, the thickness and material quality of functional coatings must be checked for the application-specific control of light. Do the reflectivity, transmission or refractive index of the surface meet the desired specifications?

Quality testing plays an equally important role for micro components such as LCD spacers. If the material of the LCD spacers does not have the appropriate hardness properties, this has a significant influence on the quality of the displays as an end product. Fischer offers high-precision measurement technology for these and many other cases in the field of optics and precision mechanics.

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Application examples

LCD Spacer

Highly complex coating systems are used to coat optical components in order to create scratch-resistant, dirt-repellent, antistatic, reflective or anti-reflective surfaces. Various curing processes play a decisive role in the coating process. These influence the balance between the desired degree of hardness and the elastic properties of a coating.

In order to test the mechanical properties of the coated surface, Fischer offers devices for nanoindentation. You can find out how our devices are used here, for example, in our application notes. Take a look inside!

Application Notes

LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) typically contain two substrates: a TFT matrix (Thin Film Transistor) and a color filter on top. Spacers are used to keep the distance between these two layers constant. The mechanical properties of spacers are decisive for the robustness and image quality of the finished displays. Their degree of hardness and elasticity determine the resistance to deformation caused by external influences and how well the LCD can return to its original shape after deformation.

Fischer hardness testers offer the optimum measurement technology for carrying out mechanical compression tests on LCD spacers.

Application Notes

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