Marine and transportation technology

Robust and reliable measurement technology for the challenges in marine and traffic engineering.

Particularly in harsh environments such as marine and transportation technology – that is where metal is permanently exposed to aggressive weather conditions – certain paint coatings are required for heavy-duty corrosion protection. The success of an anti-corrosion coating depends on several factors, including, for example, the climatic conditions during the application of the protective coating. In any case, the thickness of the coating is fundamental to the maximum durability of the corrosion protection.

Fischer offers reliable and robust measurement technology for coating thickness measurement and material analysis of corrosion protection coatings in marine and transportation technology.

Application examples

Paint coatings for heavy-duty corrosion protection

The costs incurred by biofouling in the maritime sector are so high that even more expensive prevention technologies quickly pay for themselves. For example, fuel consumption on ships can be reduced by up to 40 % if anti-fouling systems are used. These are multilayer coating systems, often thicker than 1 mm, which prevent fouling by mussels, algae and bacteria through continuous paint removal.

Particularly durable paint coatings for heavy-duty corrosion protection are also used for structures such as the Eiffel Tower or the Vienna Ferris wheel, or for steel bridges such as the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Micaceous iron oxide paint has proven itself for this purpose. Thanks to the iron oxide mineral hematite, micaceous iron oxide paint forms a kind of crystalline "scale armor" on the metal with a layer thickness of 80 up to 120 μm, which prevents the penetration of water and other corrosive substances.

To ensure the service life of such coatings as antifouling or micaceous iron oxide paints, robust measuring devices from Fischer are used, which deliver reliable measurement results using preconfigured measuring methods in accordance with important standards such as IMO PSPC or ISO 19840.

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