Iron and steel

Effective corrosion protection of iron and steel by reliably measuring the corrosion protection layer.

Wherever exposed iron and steel parts are permanently exposed to aggressive weathering, they must be reliably protected against corrosion. In most cases, hot-dip galvanizing or various thermal sprayed coatings are used for this purpose. Zinc flakes are used for particularly high-quality corrosion protection coatings, such as for brake disks, and zinc-nickel coatings are used for screws.

The quality of these protective coatings is relevant to safety and must therefore be monitored on an ongoing basis. With Fischer measurement technology, you can check the current condition of the corrosion protection of your iron or steel product and take measures in good time to ensure longevity and quality.

Application examples

Hot-dip galvanizing
Thermal sprayed coatings

Metal and steel construction companies must guarantee robust and absolutely reliable corrosion protection for their iron and steel structures, especially for particularly demanding environments such as the marine or transport technology sectors – particularly as product liability has fallen to the coater since 2014.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a common process for this, which in some cases is supplemented with an additional paint coating. Fischer has developed measuring devices for the quality control of hot-dip galvanizing that solve non-destructive and precise measuring tasks.

Application Notes

Fischer also offers durable measuring devices for the coating thickness measurement of thermal sprayed coatings such as TSA (thermally sprayed aluminum). TSA is used, for example, in the CUI process (coating under insulation), where the aluminum is applied as corrosion protection under an insulating layer.

These aluminum layers have a rough, porous surface that quickly wears out conventional measuring devices. The tactile handheld measuring gauges from Fischer are therefore equipped with wear-protected probes. You can find out how Fischer measuring devices can be used optimally in this area in our application notes. Take a look inside!

Application Notes

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