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Measurement technology for reliable and accurate quality control of food and beverage packaging.

In the food and beverage industry, great importance is attached to the reliability of packaging in terms of environmental friendliness and food safety as well as protection and shelf life of the contents. Thus, packaging materials such as plastic, aluminum, cardboard or glass are in most cases additionally coated with varnishes: Externally, to protect against environmental influences such as damage or contamination. Internally, to prevent chemical reactions between packaging and contents.

At Fischer, you will find measuring solutions that allow you to reliably check release liners, sealers and protective coatings – as a single layer or multilayer system – for their layer thickness and composition as well as for defects.

Application examples


Among the most widely used packaging for food, but also for pharmaceutical and cosmetic substances, are aluminum tubes and cans. Aluminum as a material is not only light, flexible and easily recyclable. It also protects the contents from external influences such as UV radiation, moisture or microorganisms and is hygienic as well as aroma-preserving. The inside of the packaging is lined with a protective polymer layer to prevent a direct reaction between foodstuffs, especially those containing acids or salt, and the metallic packaging.

The thickness of this applied coating must be monitored and ensured during the production process. For these applications, Fischer measurement technology offers measuring solutions for reliable and accurate quality control of food and beverage packaging.

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