Fastening technology

Reliable testing of corrosion protection on fasteners.

Corrosion is one of the most common causes of the failure of fastening elements such as screws, nails, fittings or bolts. Whether it is contact with hot, highly concentrated acid, salt water or oxygen – if the component is not properly coated, corrosion processes can occur. Component failure is often a serious consequence.

Fischer offers non-destructive measuring methods for fastening technology that enable reliable testing of the corrosion protection layer on fastening elements, even in hard-to-reach places and with complex geometries. This allows you to measure the thickness of zinc coatings or the composition of stainless steel alloys precisely and with repeat accuracy.

Application examples

Zinc coatings
Stainless steel alloys

Nails and other fastening elements are usually coated with zinc for rust protection. For particularly high loads due to temperature or aggressive environmental conditions, higher-quality coatings such as zinc-nickel are often used, for example on turned parts for brake systems in the automotive sector.

Zinc-nickel surfaces offer maximum thermal resistance up to 120°C (248 °F) and significantly improved cathodic corrosion protection. Among other things, the thickness of the coating is directly related to the duration of the corrosion resistance. With measuring devices from Fischer, you can quickly and easily measure the coating thickness of zinc or zinc-nickel on steel.

Application Notes

Fischer is also the right partner when it comes to checking the composition of stainless steel alloys with regard to their corrosion resistance. For example, you can determine the exact molybdenum content non-destructively and thus quickly determine whether your alloy meets the specific requirements and legal specifications.

Application notes

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