Innovative measuring devices for high-tech surfaces in energy technology.

Energy generation plants such as wind turbines, solar power plants, turbine power plants and oil rigs must be regularly checked for compliance with safety standards. From solar cells, turbines and generators to energy storage systems such as capacitors or storage tanks. There is a wide range of central energy technology components whose functional coating must be regularly monitored. Extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures in solar thermal systems, humidity in hydroelectric power plants or corrosive substances on oil rigs not only attack coatings, but also make quality control considerably more difficult.

At Fischer, we deal with these measurement technology challenges and have developed solutions that are specially tailored to the needs and requirements of the energy industry. Whether it is the thickness measurement of thin films on solar cells, batteries and fuel cells, cladding or Inconel® coatings on heat recovery systems in the solar energy sector. Fischer offers the right measuring solution for your applications.

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Application examples

Solar energy CIS/CIGS/CdTe
Batteries and fuel cells
Heat recovery

The development of innovative coatings for solar modules for energy generation is a key focus for numerous high-tech companies and universities. CIS/CIGS vapor depositions, for example, are thin-film solar modules consisting of conductors and semiconductors. The functional surface is made up of copper, indium and selenium or copper, indium, gallium and selenium and forms a layer thickness of around 2 µm. Another basic material for the production of thin-film solar cells compared to crystalline silicon solar cells is cadmium telluride.

Use our equipment to determine not only the exact material composition, but also the layer thickness of these thin-film solar modules down to the micrometer range.

Application Notes

Batteries and fuel cells are key technologies in the field of energy technology and represent a considerable challenge, particularly in the automotive industry. Fischer measuring devices are used, for example, in lithium-ion batteries to ensure process reliability with regard to the application of NMC layers (cathode made of nickel, manganese and cobalt oxide) and their homogeneity.

Another area of application for Fischer measurement technology is the reliable testing of precious metal surface loadings in fuel cells.

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Application Notes

In our extensive portfolio, you will find high-precision measuring instruments that are specially tailored to the needs of various energy generation processes. From turbine blades and heat exchangers to various hydraulic components – cladding, that is the coating of exposed components in particular by build-up welding for corrosion protection, is frequently used in the field of energy generation. As this is an additive manufacturing process, the coating thickness in particular must be monitored precisely.

You can carry out reliable coating thickness measurements with our specialized measuring devices. This enables targeted maintenance and servicing of the energy technology components to ensure the reliability and longevity of your energy generation systems.

Application Notes

Special nickel-based alloys, such as Inconel® 625, are known for their high corrosion resistance. They are primarily applied as a coating material where a high degree of corrosion and heat resistance must be guaranteed, such as on heat exchanger pipes in waste incineration plants. In order to guarantee the functionality of the Inconel® coating, a minimum coating thickness must be present, which must be continuously checked.

Fischer measuring devices are designed to reliably measure even the most demanding high-tech surface structures and coatings – from coating thickness and hardness properties to detailed material analysis.

Application Notes

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