Construction and infrastructure

Robust and reliable measurement technology for the construction industry and infrastructure.

In the construction and infrastructure sector, the processing of building materials such as concrete, steel, wood and plastic is predominantly standardized. Particularly when it comes to corrosion, the layer thickness of protective coatings is not only crucial, but even oftentimes mandatory. In this case, only a correct surface coating guarantees longevity and resistance of the components and machines to the demanding environmental influences such as moisture, dust, vibration and temperature fluctuations.

For this challenging work environment, Fischer offers robust measurement technology for coating thickness measurement, dew point determination and material analysis that delivers reliable measurement results even under extreme conditions.

Application examples

SSPC-PA2 procedure
Steel roofs

Industrial coating companies, plant owners and third-party inspectors use the specific SSPC-PA2 (Society for Protective Coatings v Paint Application Specification No. 2) procedure to check whether the dry film thickness (DFT) on metallic structures, machinery, pipelines, ships or tanks meets the specified standards. Whether it is a question of determining the powder coating thickness of a single coating or analyzing complex multi-coating systems – reliable measuring devices with high precision are required for the evaluation of coating projects.

Fischer offers the right measuring solution for all construction and infrastructure challenges. For example, you can check the quality of zinc or stainless alloy fasteners such as nails, screws or bolts non-destructively and precisely.

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Application Notes

Do the steel roofs you manufacture meet all the set requirements? To ensure the longevity and reliability of steel roofs, the metallic corrosion protection – in most cases a zinc coating – must be regularly tested for quality. The thicker and more uniform the coating, the better the protection.

With Fischer measurement technology, you can quickly and non-destructively ensure that your steel roof systems meet the highest quality standards.

Application Notes

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