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Materials used in aerospace applications are expected to perform under extreme conditions. These materials often require specific properties to withstand things such as large temperature fluctuations, high vacuum environments, harsh atmospheric conditions, and severe wear and impact forces.

Fischer is your trusted partner to quickly test properties of coatings and materials for thickness, elemental composition, indentation hardness, elasticity, and electrical conductivity. Our intelligent solutions help the aerospace industry meet high safety and reliability standards such as ISO 17025 / AS/EN 9100, ISO 17025 / AS/EN9110, ISO 17025 / AS/EN9120 and ISO 17025 / AS9003 demanded by customers and end users.

Application examples

Testing of material properties
High reliability

The mechanical properties of plastics, paint, and powder coatings change significantly under extreme temperature conditions. In cold conditions they may become brittle and lose flexibility. When hot they may become soft and lose strength. Fischer’s instrumented indentation testing, also known as nanoindentation, systems can quickly evaluate coatings and materials for stability, hardness, and elasticity under different thermal conditions.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are widely used in aerospace. Alloys are selected, and different hardening and tempering conditions specified, to meet strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance requirements. Different alloying elements and hardening conditions change the electrical conductivity of aluminum. Fischer’s SIGMASCOPE® quickly measures the electrical conductivity of aluminum and non-ferrous alloys to assure critical structures meet design requirements.

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Application Notes

Electronics in aerospace applications require the highest level of reliability and dependability. Failure of mission critical electronics can lead to loss of life and destruction of highly valuable assets. Fischer’s XRF solutions play a critical role in evaluating electronic solder joints to assure the correct ratio of tin (Sn), lead (Pb), and bismuth (Sb) in solder to mitigate the effect known as "tin whiskers".

Our XRF instruments are highly effective to look for elements prohibited for use in high vacuum environments (e. g., cadmium (Cd), zinc (Zn), and selenium (Se)) and as an aid in testing for fraudulent and counterfeit electronic components.

Application Notes

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