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Whether layer thickness, material analysis or material testing: Fischer is constantly improving and expanding our product range for you. For our new products, we always keep the user’s requirements in mind - from compact and handy devices for the measurements on the go to sophisticated and fully automated measuring systems. Here you can find all information about our new products.


One instrument, three job descriptions: not only is the flexible XAN®500 a handheld XRF device, it also converts into a desktop unit and can be integrated into production lines.


Fischer's first scratch tester for automated testing of the adhesion and cohesive strength of hard material layers.


With an improved measuring head, the powerful PICODENTOR HM500 offers new features and allows precise long-term measurements as well as the dynamic mechanical analysis.


With its XDV-μ series, Fischer offers instruments for testing the smallest of structures, e.g. in the electronics or jewelery industies.


Whether in the chemical or the transport industry – whenever corrosion protection is the order of business: with their dual-element probes, the handy gauges of the FISCHERSCOPE UMP series measure wall thickness quickly and reliably.


UMP 150 is a high-precision ultrasound device designed for ultra-fine, non-destructive wall thickness measurements on a variety of materials using single-element probes.

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